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Exeter Farmers Market | Vic’s Little Kitchen
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Vic’s Little Kitchen

I am a former fine dining chef. I make Luxury baked goods and artisan deli items.
All of my items are made from scratch using my own recipes with hand selected natural ingredients. Designed to be unique by teasing your taste buds like no other.
I serve local artisan French Press coffee by Crankhouse.
Luxury Baked Goods | Vic’s Carrot Cake, Raspberry Lamington, Lemon Drizzle Cake, Mandarin Infused Dark Chocolate Brownie, Blue and Blackberry White Droplet Muffins, Hazelnut and White Chocolate Blondie (brownie) Artisan Deli | Confit Garlic, Confit Garlic Oil, Vic’s Salad Dressing, Hot and Zingy Toasted Seeds, Mandarin Infused Cured Salmon (chilled on ice and vacuum packed) Merchandise | Large Tote Bags (Hand crafted and designed with double layered natural off-white cotton)
Vics Little Kitchen.