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Exeter Farmers Market | Forest Fungi
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Forest Fungi

Award Winning Mushroom Farm Devon.

Specialist, Organic, Gourmet home grown mushrooms

Grown in our very own ‘Shroom Rooms’ on site, giving us the ability to provide the highest quality care and attention through every stage of the growing process. You can even visit our ‘Shroom Rooms’ to see how we grow our famous mushrooms.

Our Shroom Rooms create micro climates similar to the conditions that mushrooms would thrive in the wild in Asia. Using our insulated grow room, humidifiers, heaters/ coolers, air circulation fans, lighting and water, we change the climate conditions within the room during the mushrooms growing life to get the best quality pure mushroom. We use no chemicals during the growing process. Our mushrooms are grown on sawdust and rye blocks which are registered organic. The purity and freshness that this gives our mushrooms is what makes us a truly unique grower.

mushroom1 Mushroom2